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Alex Mader, B.Kin, D.O.M.P.

The goal of Osteopathy is to treat the whole person, the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Optimal health requires all systems of the body communicate with each other and work together as a whole. When there is disease or dysfunction in one system it will naturally affect all of the other systems. For this reason the therapist will want a detailed health history that includes as many injuries and illnesses as you can remember.

Osteopathy uses special manual techniques to assess for movement and health in all of the systems of your body.  This includes the muscles, joints, ligaments, internal organs, cranium (skull), nervous tissue, fluids (blood and lymph) and fascia.  If restrictions are found in any of the systems, the therapist will use gentle techniques to help restore movement and health in those tissues and there are also devices you can use as pain relief solutions so you can feel better.  When there are no restrictions in the systems, the body will be able to self-regulate, to “heal itself” so to speak.

Osteopathic techniques include but are not limited to: cranial osteopathy, joint (osteoarticular) mobilizations, myofascial release, visceral (internal organ) mobilization, counter-strain and muscle energy.

Osteopathy is helpful in treating many health related problems.  People often seek out Osteopathic treatment when other forms of therapy have plateaued and their condition has become chronic.

Osteopathy Services:

  • Adult & Student/Senior New Patient Visit (60 mins): $138
  • Adult & Student/Senior Follow Up (60 mins): $138

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